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Men’s Radical Islam T-Shirt – Vintage T-Shirt Review – Palmer Cash

The Men’s Radical Islam T-Shirt is the new vintage t-shirt at

Description: The only thing Hassan ever wanted was to get radical. So he joined Islam because he heard that was what they were all about! Boy, was he wrong. Not only is most of Islam not radical, they also don’t really skateboard much. But he joined up anyway and now he’s teaching his Islamic brothers how to get radical everyday with some sick hand plants, backside grindage, and sweet chicken salads!Vintage Red Ultra Soft 100% Cotton T-Shirt with Multi-Color Print

Price: $17.97

Check out this Men’s Radical Islam T-Shirt or visit Palmer Cash for their full collection of vintage shirts.

Palmer Cash

3 Responses to “Men’s Radical Islam T-Shirt – Vintage T-Shirt Review – Palmer Cash”

  1. Hassan says:

    wow can you make this again?

  2. Ed says:

    Although it says “Men’s” shirt, I beg to differ. I ordered one. It was pink and not red. It had a wide collar like Women’s shirts. I’m a straight guy and won’t wear it.

  3. […] This one has an upbeat vintage feel and it’s a move on from the more literal deadpan slogan T-shirts like the Don’t Panic I’m Islamic T-shirt that did the rounds the best part of a decade ago (left). […]

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